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Bacterial Biofilms on Food Contact Surfaces - a Review
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Publication date: 2011-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2011;61(3):173–180
This review will discuss some of the basic concepts concerning biofilm formation, development and control in the food industry. Biofilm formation process on food contact surfaces can have a detrimental effect on the microbial status of food. The presence of biofilm on abiotic materials can contaminate the product through direct contact. As a consequence, food spoilage is likely to occur that may lead to reduced shelf life and increased risk of food poisoning from pathogens. Bacteria colonizing food processing surfaces are extremely difficult to eradicate. Biofilms can tolerate antimicrobial agents at concentrations of 10-1000 times that needed to inactivate genetically equivalent planktonic bacteria. A better understanding of bacterial adhesion process is needed for the production of microbiologically-safe and good-quality products in the food industry.
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