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For Reviewers

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by at least two experts in the field who are invited to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and provide recommendation to the editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected.
Invited reviewers are kindly asked to respond to the reviewing invitation as soon as possible, based on the manuscript title and abstract. In case of a declined invitation, a suggestion on alternative reviewers is welcome. In order to ensure efficient and high quality publishing services, reviewers may ask for an extension in case more time is needed to compose the report.

Invited reviewers are kindly asked to provide a detailed, constructive review report containing an overall recommendation for the publication of the manuscript, by taking into consideration the following aspects:
- Study significance in the field of knowledge
- Novelty of the manuscript
- Importance of obtained results
- Methods, statistical analysis and data quality
- Presentation of results
- Discussion quality
- Reference selection

PJFNS operates based on a single blind peer-review and reviewers should be careful not to reveal their identity to the authors, through their comments or metadata for reports submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Review reports are considered confidential and will only be disclosed with the explicit permission of the reviewer.
Finally, reviewers are kindly asked to provide an overall recommendation for the submitted manuscript, as following:
• Accept in present form, when the paper needs no further changes.
• Accept after minor revision, when the paper is mainly accepted, but authors must respond to small reviewer’s comments and questions.
• Reconsider after major revision, when the acceptance of the manuscript is conditioned by the ability of authors to respond and comply to reviewer’s comments.
• Reject, when the article is not accepted for publication due to either major flaws or lack of originality.

Reviewers are kindly asked to inform the journal editor in case of a conflict of interests that may impair the review report, in either positive or negative ways. The editorial office will check as far as possible before invitation. However, the cooperation of reviewers is highly appreciated in this regards. In case of previous assessment of the manuscript for a different journal, this should not be considered as conflict of interest in itself. Under these circumstances, reviewers could feel free to inform the editor whether any improvements have been made to the previous version.
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