Content of TDF, SDF and IDF in Cereals Grown by Organic and Conventional Farming – a Short Report
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Publication date: 2017-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2017;67(3):241–244
The objectives of this article were to determine the content of total dietary fibre (TDF) as well as of its fractions - soluble dietary fibre (SDF) and insoluble dietary fibre (IDF) of different cereals grown by conventional and organic farming in Macedonia, as well as to find out the influence of the cereal type and farming method on their values. Standardized enzymatic-gravimetric method (Megazyme Total Dietary Fiber Kit) was used for determination of soluble, insoluble, and total dietary fiber in 27 different cereal samples of wheat, rye, barley, oat, and millet, which were grown at three locations. The content of TDF, IDF and SDF was influenced by both cereal type and farming type. The organically grown cereals, primarily oat and barley, have shown higher values of TDF and of its fractions than the conventionally grown cereals. Their values (% db) for oat and barley for TDF were 42.00±1.39 and 21.91±2.01, for IDF 39.22±0.58 and 15.06±1.84 and for SDF 2.78±1.25 and 6.85±3.85, respectively. Barley grown by either organic or in conversion farming method proved to have the highest value of SDF content among the other cereals investigated, whereas oat produced by organic farming method exhibited the highest values of TDF and ISF content. The organic farming method proved to have a good perspective in cereal processing and technology, food market and nutrition.
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