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Publication date: 2003-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2003;53(Special issue 2s):25-28
For assessing the alveo-consistograph (Chopin, France) use at the evaluation of wheat flour quality at industrial mills, eighty samples of fine flour from commercial wheat (harvest year 2001) were tested. Parallel to this measurement, the evaluation of dough properties was performed by means of the promylograph TS, the promylograph TS6 (both Egger, Austria) and the alveograph (Chopin, France). Relations between corresponding parameters were described by correlation analysis. Water absorption evaluated at the alveo-consistograph (at both constant and adapted hydration) was found lower than at promylograph TS6. In regime at adapted hydration higher extensibility of dough was proved, P/L parameter dropped from 0.92 to 0.73. The results showed that the dough rheological characteristics depended on flour quality and the differences due to measure at alveo-consistograph and promylograps were important despite their correlation.
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