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Publication date: 2003-03-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2003;53(1):29-33
The aim of this study was to work out a recipe for sterilised soy puddings which, as an analogue of milk pudding, could compose a significant source of the soy protein in the diet. The investigations were performed to work out recipes for sterilised soy puddings containing similar contents of protein as those of based on milk or containing higher contents of soy protein up to 6.25 g in a 150 g portion of pudding. The quality of products was determined on the basis of the sensory evaluation, chemical composition determination, apparent viscosity, degree of starch gelatinisation, and investigation of sedimentation of high-temperature gelatinising starch. In the puddings additionally enriched in soy proteins, the respective consistency and sensory quality were achieved by adding 2.3% of the high-temperature gelatinising starch and 1.3% of the low-temperature gelatinising starch. Additive of thaumatin (at the level of 10 ppm in the final product) made the flavour enhancement of the sterilised soy puddings too extensive. As to the overall sensory quality, the sterilised soy puddings were inferior to the milk puddings nevertheless the soy puddings have been evaluated higher than the commercial soy puddings.
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