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Publication date: 2003-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2003;53(Special issue 2s):17-19
Potential biological activity of binary mixtures of some new aminophosphonates with phosphonomethylglycine (PMG) was studied. The hemolysis of erythrocytes induced by individual compounds and their mixtures with PMG was a measure of this activity since it is commonly accepted that toxic action of many compounds, including erythrocyte membrane hemolysis, is the result of their interaction with the lipid phase of biological membranes. The experiments were expected to show if the new compounds exhibited good biological activity and if this activity can be improved when they are used in mixtures with the well-known herbicide PMG. The analysis of the effects of binary mixtures was carried out by constructing graphs for both components of binary mixtures that give the same 50% hemolysis – the so-called “isobole method”. The results obtained show that the individual hemolytic, i.e. potential biological, activity of the aminophosphonates is quite good. When used in binary mixtures with PMG, they exhibit enhanced (synergistic) or weaker (antagonistic) hemolytic ability compared with individual compounds. The interaction type seems to be dependent on the structural features of the aminophosphonates since synergistic type of the interaction was found for cyclic aminophosphonates with hexane ring. A final conclusion is that all the newly synthesized aminophosphonates could be applied as herbicides and some of them also in binary mixtures with phosphonomethylglycine.
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