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Characterization of Semolina Protein Film with Incorporated Zinc Oxide Nano Rod Intended for Food Packaging
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Publication date: 2017-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2017;67(3):183–190
This study intended to provide biopolymer films used as food packaging, which will result in reducing environmental pollution produced by the activities of synthetic food packaging. We used zinc oxide nanorods (ZnO-nr) and we prepared nanocomposite films by means of solvent casting. FTIR and SEM were employed to characterize the final films. SEM images revealed that ZnO-nr particles were homogenously distributed throughout the film surface. The thermal, optical, and heat sealability properties of the films were also examined. Adding ZnO-nr significantly reduced oxygen permeability and heat sealability. The semolina films’ UV absorbance was highly impacted by the degree of ZnO-nr addition. The nanocomposite films absorbed above 90% of the near infrared spectra. In addition, the zeta potential revealed the surface charge of ZnO-nr had a negative charge of about -33.9 mV.
Improving the physical and protective functions of semolina films by embedding a blend nanofillers (ZnO-nr and nano-kaolin)
Shima Jafarzadeh, Fazilah Ariffin, Shahrom Mahmud, Abd Alias, Seyed Hosseini, Mehraj Ahmad
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Shima Jafarzadeh, Jong‐Whan Rhim, Abd Alias, Fazilah Ariffin, Shahrom Mahmud
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Impact of metal nanoparticles on the mechanical, barrier, optical and thermal properties of biodegradable food packaging materials
Shima Jafarzadeh, Seid Jafari
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Biodegradable green packaging with antimicrobial functions based on the bioactive compounds from tropical plants and their by-products
Shima Jafarzadeh, Seid Jafari, Ali Salehabadi, Abdorreza Nafchi, Kumar Uthaya, H.P.S. Khalil
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Ecofriendly and Biodegradable Soybean Protein Isolate Films Incorporated with ZnO Nanoparticles for Food Packaging
Siying Tang, Zhe Wang, Wan Li, Miao Li, Qiuhong Deng, Yi Wang, Chengyong Li, Paul Chu
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Application of bio-nanocomposite films and edible coatings for extending the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables
Shima Jafarzadeh, Abdorreza Nafchi, Ali Salehabadi, Nazila Oladzad-abbasabadi, Seid Jafari
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Cheese packaging by edible coatings and biodegradable nanocomposites; improvement in shelf life, physicochemical and sensory properties
Shima Jafarzadeh, Ali Salehabadi, Abdorreza Nafchi, Nazila Oladzadabbasabadi, Seid Jafari
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