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Publication date: 2002-12-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2002;52(4):53-57
The estimation of chemical composition and nutritive value of protein of lamb meat from the quadriceps muscle of the thingh (m. quadriceps femoris) were carried out in this studies. Meat proceeded from single ram lambs of Pomeranian breed (P), ile de france breed (IF) and their cross-breeds F1 (PIF), at the age of 50 days, eight heads from each group. Dry matter (W), total protein (B), total fat and ash were determined in the samples of meat. The ratio W/B was calculated based on the content of water (W) and protein (P). The gross and net energy values were calculated on the basis of protein and fat content, using the values of energy equivalents. Nutritive value of protein was assessed in balance experiment using Wistar rats, fed adequate diets. Coefficients of apparent digestibility (AD) and true digestibility (TD) of protein, biological value of protein (BV) and net protein utilization (NPU) were determined. The obtained results indicate that cross-breeding of Pomeranian breed (P) with rams of ile de france (IF) significantly effected dry matter, total protein content and value of W/B index in meat of their hybrids F1 (PIF). The meat of ile de france lambs and their hybrids with Pomeranian sheep was characterized by higher content of dry matter and protein as well as more beneficial relationship between water and protein as compared to the meat of Pomeranian sheep. The nutritive value of protein from meat of Pomeranian sheep, ile de france and their cross-breeds proved to be high. The protein was characterized by high digestibility and its significant utilization in the organisms of rats, which was indicated by average values of the coefficients of apparent and true digestibility, the biological value of protein and net protein utilization. Meat of the examined lambs, due to its energy value and low fat content as well as high biological value of protein, can be used in dietetic nutrition.
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