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Comparison of Nutrient Content in Fruit of Commercial Cultivars of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
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Publication date: 2015-12-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2015;65(4):251-259
Eggplant is one of the most popular common major vegetable crops worldwide. This study evaluated the nutritional content of seven commercial eggplant fruits in terms of fatty acid, mineral, sugar, organic acid, amino acid and polyamine contents. The most abundant fatty acid was linoleic acid (range, 39.14 - 53.81%, ave. 45%), and the most abundant mineral was K (range, 1556.2 - 3171.6 mg/kg fw, ave. 2331.9). The major organic acid was malic acid (range, 129.87 - 387.01 mg/g fw, ave. 157.49), and the major sugar was fructose (range, 1242.81 - 1379.77 mg/100 g fw, ave. 1350.88). The major polyamine was putrescine (11.54 and 25.70 nmol/g fw, ave. 17.86), and the major amino acid was glutamine (148.4 and 298.75 mg/100 g fw, ave. 219.74). Overall, taking into account the export potential of eggplants, these results may contribute to further studies aiming to improve other nutrient-rich varieties of eggplant in breeding programs.
Health benefits and bioactive compounds of eggplant
Nergiz Gürbüz, Selman Uluişik, Anne Frary, Amy Frary, Sami Doğanlar
Food Chemistry
Low-temperature conditioning enhances chilling tolerance and reduces damage in cold-stored eggplant ( Solanum melongena L.) fruit
Junyan Shi, Jinhua Zuo, Fuhui Zhou, Lipu Gao, Qing Wang, Aili Jiang
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The Analysis of Physiological Variations in M2 Generation of Solanum melongena L. Mutagenized by Ethyl Methane Sulfonate
Xiao Xi-ou, Lin Wenqiu, Li Wei, Gao Xiaoming, Lv Lingling, Ma Feiyue, Liu Yuge
Frontiers in Plant Science
Fruit Crops
Allen Barker, Margie Stratton
Eggplant Fruit (Solanum melongena L.) and Bio-Residues as a Source of Nutrients, Bioactive Compounds, and Food Colorants, Using Innovative Food Technologies
Gabriel Silva, Eliana Pereira, Bruno Melgar, Dejan Stojković, Marina Sokovic, Ricardo Calhelha, Carla Pereira, Rui Abreu, Isabel Ferreira, Lillian Barros
Applied Sciences
Comparative Analysis of the Nutritional Profiles of Selected Solanum Species Grown in Sri Lanka
Harshani Nadeeshani, Gamini Samarasinghe, Swarna Wimalasiri, Renuka Silva, Danny Hunter, Terrence Madhujith
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
Comparative characteristics of the biochemical composition of VIR eggplant collection in a greenhouse
I. Gashkova, A. Solovieva, A. Kurina
Vegetable crops of Russia
Fruit composition profile of pepper, tomato and eggplant varieties grown under uniform conditions
Elena Rosa-Martínez, María García-Martínez, Ana Adalid-Martínez, Leandro Pereira-Dias, Cristina Casanova, Elena Soler, María Figàs, María Raigón, Mariola Plazas, Salvador Soler, Jaime Prohens
Food Research International
Effect of Ascorbic Acid Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Browning of Fresh-Cut Eggplant
Sarengaowa, Liying Wang, Yumeng Liu, Chunmiao Yang, Ke Feng, Wenzhong Hu
Assessing Physicochemical Parameters, Bioactive Profile and Antioxidant Status of Different Fruit Parts of Greek Eggplant Germplasm
Kalliopi Kadoglidou, Konstantinos Krommydas, Parthenopi Ralli, Ifigeneia Mellidou, Apostolos Kalyvas, Maria Irakli
Solanum aethiopicum L. from the Basilicata Region Prevents Lipid Absorption, Fat Accumulation, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in OA-Treated HepG2 and Caco-2 Cell Lines
Ludovica Lela, Daniela Russo, Biasio De, Domenico Gorgoglione, Angela Ostuni, Maria Ponticelli, Luigi Milella
Comparative Analysis of Metabolic Variation in Eggplant Fruit of Different Varieties Reveals Metabolites Important for Quality Traits
Xiaohui Zhou, Hesbon Obel, Songyu Liu, Yan Yang, Jun Liu, Yong Zhuang
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