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Publication date: 2007-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2007;57(Special issue 3A):133-136
Investigations were carried out into the effect of sonication of bee honeys on the course of their crystallization during storage. Use was made of ultrasounds with a frequency of 40 kHz and intensity of ca. 2 W/cm2. Analyses were carried out for physicochemical characteristics of honeys, including: viscosity, texture, conductance and crystallization degree. After 30-min sonication, an increase in viscosity by ca. 30 mPa.s and a reduction in conductance by 0.6 mS/cm were observed in the solution examined. Analyses of the texture (hardness) of honey subjected to the sonication process demonstrated an initial increase of hardness and then its stabilization and even a slight decrease, as compared to the control samples. The degree of crystallization was proportional to the exposure time to ultrasound treatment. The biggest crystals were observed in the non-sonicated samples. Sonication modified the crystallization process of the examined sugar solutions to a significant extent. Observations of the solutions after the sonication demonstrated the formation of a high number of crystals in the whole volume of the sample, whereas the non-sonicated solutions were observed to crystallize unevenly forming large crystals. It was shown that the ultrasound treatment modified the course of recrystallization and, as a result, texture of the recrystallized honeys by decreasing their hardness.
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