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Publication date: 2007-12-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2007;57(Special issue 4A):95-99
The aim of the research was to estimate personnel knowledge of hygiene practices assurance in the catering industry. The research was conducted in a form of a questionnaire among 200 employees of hotel catering establishments. Over 20% of the respondents were uncertain as to the existence of the HACCP system at their workplace, which may mean that there are not enough HACCP system trainings and that the system does not function properly. The questions concerning the personnel hygiene were answered correctly by most respondents (about 90%). Different answers were given to the question about how often protective clothing should be changed (only 60% of correct answers). The staff’s knowledge about ensuring proper hand hygiene was sufficient. The respondents found the part about technological processing most difficult. Many of them were not familiar with correct rules of thawing food (11 persons claimed that thawing food in hot running water is the right method). They knew that thawed meat cannot be frozen for the second time, but ¼ of them said it can be kept in cold storage for 5 days after thawing. They were not able to define the safe shelf life dishes. They knew the basic rules of GHP and had no difficulties with answering questions about hygiene assurance in a catering establishment. On the basis of the conducted research it can be stated that the know-how of the hotel catering staff is not fully satisfactory, especially their understanding of the correctness of food processing. The hygiene employee trainings should be introduced to explain the concepts, principles and idea of GHP, GMP and HACCP systems, and their implementation should be controlled afterwards. Only the personnel’s full understanding of hygiene principles guarantees the proper quality of the catering service.
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