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Enhancement of the Stabilities and Intracellular Antioxidant Activities of Lavender Essential Oil by Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on β-Cyclodextrin and Potassium Cation
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Tianjin Key Laboratory of Food Biotechnology, College of Biotechnology and Food Science, Tianjin University of Commerce, Tianjin 300134, China
Submission date: 2020-10-05
Final revision date: 2020-12-21
Acceptance date: 2020-12-31
Online publication date: 2021-01-25
Publication date: 2021-02-12
Corresponding author
Jin Tan   

Tianjin Key Laboratory of Food Biotechnology, College of Biotechnology and Food Science, Tianjin university of commerce, China
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2021;71(1):39-50
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an important medicinal and aromatic plant. However, the application of lavender essential oil (LEO) is limited by its instability, low solubility and high volatility. Therefore, to improve the stabilities and antioxidant activities of LEO and thereby expand the applications, LEO was microencapsulated by metal-organic frameworks based on β-cyclodextrin and potassium cation (K-βCD-MOFs) with different mass core/wall ratios. The results showed that the best inclusion rate was 96.67% with the ratio of 1:10. Then, the optimum inclusion product was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The thermal and pH stabilities and the intracellular antioxidant activities were also studied. The results showed that the stabilities of the oil with K-βCD-MOFs inclusions and their abilities to resist acid and alkali were significantly stronger than those of LEO itself. In addition, the intracellular antioxidant activities of LEO were also enhanced by the K-βCD-MOFs inclusion. These results suggested the potential of K-βCD-MOFs as carriers for essential oils in food industry applications.
The present work was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin (grant numbers 17JCQNJC02400 and 18JCYBJC96000), the National Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Undergraduates (grant number 201910069019), 131 Second Level Innovative Talents Training Project in Tianjin, and Young and Middle-aged Key Innovative Talents Training Project of Tianjin Universities.
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