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Plant Food Extracts as Source of Bioactive Compounds for Prevention of Cisplatin-Induced Kidney Dysfunction in Rats
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Publication date: 2014-03-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2014;64(1):49-57
The present study investigated the protective effect of extracts prepared from grape, coriander, roselle and fennel in a rat model of kidney dysfunction induced by intraperitoneal cisplatin. Mixture of ethanol and petroleum ether extracts was prepared from a given plant. Six groups of rats were conducted; control healthy, cisplatin group and 4 test groups where rats were given daily oral dose of each extract mixture before cisplatin injection. Different biochemical and cytogenetic parameters and kidney histopathology were determined. Total phenolic contents, fatty acids and unsaponifiable matter (UNSAP) were assessed in the extracts. Results showed roselle ethanol extract to have the highest phenolic content (15.584 g GAE/100 g extract). Fatty acid analysis revealed the presence of linoleic and linolenic acid in all studied plants. Coriander oil showed the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids (85%). GLC investigation of the UNSAP showed the presence of campesterol in all the studied plants. Grape oil contained the highest content of phytosterol (15.9%). Cisplatin treatment induced significant increase in plasma urea, creatinine and malondialdehyde along with significant reduction in plasma albumin, total protein, catalase activity and total antioxidant level as well as reduction in creatinine clearance compared to normal control. Histopathological examination proved the induction of kidney dysfunction by cisplatin. Chromosomal aberration and sperm-shape abnormalities were noticed after cisplatin treatment. Administration of extracts mixtures produced improvements in biochemical, histopathological and cytogenetic parameters. Conclusion: Extracts mixture under study offered protection from cisplatin induced kidney dysfunction via antioxidant and possibly anti-inflammatory actions.
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