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A Comprehensive Look at the Possibilities of Edible Insects as Food in Europe – A Review
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Publication date: 2014-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2014;64(3):147–157
Possibilities of edible insects use in European countries, is now increasingly debated issue. Insects in Asian, African, Central American and South Central American cultures, are mainly nutritional components. Review mainly describes the species of insects that are suitable as food in Europe and other developed countries. This comprehensive work addresses the issue of eating insects, especially considering the nutritionally important factors. Risks are also mentioned, as well as allergies, toxicity, and other aspects of the breeding and use of edible insects. Insects play and will play important roles in the future in various fields of research, exploitation, breeding, etc. This review provides a comprehensive current and future view of insects as a valuable foodstuff.
Fat from Tenebrionidae Bugs - Sterols Content, Fatty Acid Profiles, and Cardiovascular Risk Indexes
Jiri Mlcek, Anna Adamkova, Martin Adamek, Marie Borkovcova, Martina Bednarova, Ivana Knizkova
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences
Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients
P.A. Marone
Optimization of Antioxidant and Skin-Whitening Compounds Extraction Condition from Tenebrio molitor Larvae (Mealworm)
Julie Kim, Kyoung Kim, Byung Yu
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Hydrolysates and Peptide Fractions Obtained by Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Selected Heat-Treated Edible Insects
Traditional consumption of and rearing edible insects in Africa, Asia and Europe
Dele Raheem, Conrado Carrascosa, Oluwatoyin Oluwole, Maaike Nieuwland, Ariana Saraiva, Rafael Millán, António Raposo
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Potential prebiotic activity of Tenebrio molitor insect flour using an optimized in vitro gut microbiota model
Nelson Carvalho, Francisco Teixeira, Sara Silva, Ana Madureira, Manuela Pintado
Food & Function
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Barbara Sawicka, Krishnan Umachandran, Noori Nasir, Dominika Skiba
Waste Biorefinery
Karthik Rajendran, K.C. Surendra, Jeffery Tomberlin, Samir Khanal
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Valor Antioxidante de la GrilletaPterophylla beltranipara Suplementar Alimentos
Oscar Rosales-Escobar, Berenice Villanueva-Bocanegra, Jorge Torres-Castillo, Leonardo Arellano-Méndez, Yolanda Moreno-Ramírez
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Hepatoprotective Effects of Insect Extracts in an Animal Model of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
A-Rang Im, Won-Kyung Yang, Yang-Chun Park, Seung Kim, Sungwook Chae
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The potential of insects as food sources – a review
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Sensory attributes of edible insects and insect-based foods – Future outlooks for enhancing consumer appeal
Maryia Mishyna, Jianshe Chen, Ofir Benjamin
Trends in Food Science & Technology
Insect Farming for Feed and Food Production from a Circular Business Model Perspective
Fabio Madau, Brunella Arru, Roberto Furesi, Pietro Pulina
Research and policy priorities for edible insects
Valerie Stull, Jonathan Patz
Sustainability Science
Occurrence of Selected Organic Contaminants in Edible Insects and Assessment of Their Chemical Safety
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Review: Insect meal: a future source of protein feed for pigs?
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Consumption patterns of edible insects in rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe: taste, nutritional value and availability are key elements for keeping the insect eating habit
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Nutritional Characteristics of Selected Insects in Uganda for Use as Alternative Protein Sources in Food and Feed
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Consumer acceptance of insect-based foods in the Netherlands: Academic and commercial implications
Jonas House
Influence of Feeding Substrates on the Presence of Toxic Metals (Cd, Pb, Ni, As, Hg) in Larvae of Tenebrio molitor: Risk Assessment for Human Consumption
Cristina Truzzi, Silvia Illuminati, Federico Girolametti, Matteo Antonucci, Giuseppe Scarponi, Sara Ruschioni, Paola Riolo, Anna Annibaldi
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Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients
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Assessment of Mulberry Silkworm Pupae and African Palm Weevil larvae as alternative protein sources in snack fillings
Olamide Akande, Oreoluwa Falade, Adebanjo Badejo, Ifeoluwa Adekoya
A Semiotic Approach to Entomophagy
Ashleigh Ali
Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Reducing the global environmental impact of livestock production: the minilivestock option
Tabassum-Abbasi, Tasneem Abbasi, S.A. Abbasi
Journal of Cleaner Production
Risk profile related to production and consumption of insects as food and feed
EFSA Journal
Interfacial and emulsifying properties of mealworm protein at the oil/water interface
Joanne Gould, Bettina Wolf
Food Hydrocolloids
Effect of post-harvest starvation and rinsing on the microbial numbers and the bacterial community composition of mealworm larvae ( Tenebrio molitor )
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Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies
Heat-induced aggregation and gelation of proteins from edible honey bee brood (Apis mellifera) as a function of temperature and pH
Maryia Mishyna, Jean-Jacques Martinez, Jianshe Chen, Maya Davidovich-Pinhas, Ofir Benjamin
Food Hydrocolloids
Gıda İçin Gelecek Öngörüleri: Yıl 2050
Çağlar Gökırmaklı, Mustafa Bayram
Akademik Gıda
Allergy to Crickets: A Review
Meir Pener
Journal of Orthoptera Research
Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems
Simone Belluco, Alberto Mantovani, Antonia Ricci
Safety of wild harvested and reared edible insects: A review
T.R. Murefu, L. Macheka, R. Musundire, F.A. Manditsera
Food Control
Proximate composition and mineral content of five edible insects consumed in Korea
Soon-Kyung Kim, Connie Weaver, Mi-Kyeong Choi
CyTA - Journal of Food
Sağlıklı Beslenme Algısının ve Gıda Neofobisinin Yenilebilir Böcek Ürünlerine Yönelik Davranışsal Niyetlere Etkileri
OPUS Uluslararası Toplum Araştırmaları Dergisi
Evaluation of hazardous chemicals in edible insects and insect-based food intended for human consumption
Giulia Poma, Matthias Cuykx, Elvio Amato, Chiara Calaprice, Jean Focant, Adrian Covaci
Food and Chemical Toxicology
Insect (food) allergy and allergens
Gier de, Kitty Verhoeckx
Molecular Immunology
Edible Insects as a Protein Source: A Review of Public Perception, Processing Technology, and Research Trends
Tae-Kyung Kim, Hae Yong, Young-Boong Kim, Hyun-Wook Kim, Yun-Sang Choi
Food Science of Animal Resources
Environmental, Health, and Business Opportunities in the New Meat Alternatives Market
Giovanni Sogari, Aijun Liu, Jie Li
Optimization of a Simplified and Effective Analytical Method of Pesticide Residues in Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor Larvae) Combined with GC–MS/MS and LC–MS/MS
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Moisture adsorption properties and shelf-life estimation of dried and pulverised edible house cricket Acheta domesticus (L.) and black soldier fly larvae Hermetia illucens (L.)
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Status of meat alternatives and their potential role in the future meat market — A review
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Common Amino Acid Subsequences in a Universal Proteome—Relevance for Food Science
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Nutritional composition, quality, and shelf stability of processedRuspolia nitidula(edible grasshoppers)
Geoffrey Ssepuuya, Ivan Mukisa, Dorothy Nakimbugwe
Food Science & Nutrition
Eating novel foods: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to predict the consumption of an insect-based product
Davide Menozzi, Giovanni Sogari, Mario Veneziani, Erica Simoni, Cristina Mora
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Insects Used as Food and Feed: Isn’t That What We All Need?
Victor Meyer-Rochow, Chuleui Jung
Italian consumers’ attitudes towards entomophagy: Influence of human factors and properties of insects and insect-based food
Fabio Tuccillo, Mattia Marino, Luisa Torri
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Metagenetic analysis of the bacterial communities of edible insects from diverse production cycles at industrial rearing companies
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Benefits and food safety concerns associated with consumption of edible insects
Samuel Imathiu
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Prospects for insects as food in Switzerland: A tobit regression
Yannik Schlup, Thomas Brunner
Food Quality and Preference
Examining the role of regional culture and geographical distances on the representation of unfamiliar foods in a continental-size country
Antônio Bisconsin-Júnior, Heber Rodrigues, Jorge Behrens, Verena Lima, Silva da, Oliveira de, Lorena Januário, Rosires Deliza, Flávia Netto, Lilian Mariutti
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E. Wynants, S. Crauwels, C. Verreth, N. Gianotten, B. Lievens, J. Claes, Campenhout Van
Food Microbiology
Global status of insects as food and feed source: A review
Sergey Govorushko
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Influential entomology: a short review of the scientific, societal, economic and educational services provided by entomology
Ecological Entomology
Study of in vitro digestion of Tenebrio molitor flour for evaluation of its impact on the human gut microbiota
Carvalho de, G.E. Walton, C.G. Poveda, S.N. Silva, M. Amorim, A.R. Madureira, M.E. Pintado, G.R. Gibson, P. Jauregi
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Food Safety Issues Related to Uses of Insects for Feeds and Foods
der van, L. Camenzuli, S. Belluco, N. Meijer, A. Ricci
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety
Erciyes Üniversitesinde Entomofaji Hakkında Bir Kamuoyu Araştırması
Ebubekir Yüksel, Ramazan Canhilal
Uluslararası Tarım ve Yaban Hayatı Bilimleri Dergisi
Evaluation of Subchronic Oral Dose Toxicity of Freeze-Dried Skimmed Powder of Zophobas atratus Larvae (frpfdZAL) in Rats
Sun Kim, Kyu-Won Kwak, Eun-Sung Park, Hyung Yoon, Yong-Soon Kim, Kwanho Park, Eunsun Kim, Sun-Don Kim
Food Waste Management
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Comparative study of composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of two adult edible insects from Tenebrionidae family
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Entomophagy: an innovative nutritional and economic navigational tool in race of food security
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Journal of Insect Science
Comadia redtenbacheri (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) and Aegiale hesperiaris (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae), two important edible insects of Agave salmiana (Asparagales: Asparagaceae): a review
Aracely Molina-Vega, Edna Hernández-Domínguez, Matilde Villa-García, Jorge Álvarez-Cervantes
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The Brazilians’ sensorial perceptions for novel food – cookies with insect protein
T. Lucchese-Cheung, Aguiar de, E.E. Spers, Lima De
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Evaluation of Proximate and Heavy Metals in Twelve Edible Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Poba Reserve Forest Assam, India.
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Impacts of insect consumption on human health
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Role of novel protein sources in sustainably meeting future global requirements
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Effect of Bombyx mori on the Liver Protection of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Based on In Vitro and In Vivo Models
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Edible wild field cricket (Brachytrupes portentosus) trading in Bangladesh
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Bioavailability of nutrients from edible insects
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Nutritional Composition of Honey Bee Drones of Two Subspecies Relative to Their Pupal Developmental Stages
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Sustainable Production Technology in Food
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Current Opinion in Insect Science