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Determination of Nutrient Composition and Protein Quality of Potential Complementary Foods Formulated from the Combination of Fermented Popcorn, African Locust and Bambara Groundnut Seed Flour
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Publication date: 2013-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2013;63(3):155–166
The aims of this study are to produce and evaluate nutritional quality of complementary foods using popcorn, Bambara groundnut and African locust beans. The food materials were fermented, oven dried, milled and sieved into flour. The flours were mixed as follows: Fermented popcorn-African locust bean (FPA) [70% popcorn, 30% African locust bean], fermented popcorn-bambara groundnut (FPB) [70% popcorn, 30% Bambara groundnut] and fermented popcorn-African locust bean-bambara groundnut (FPAB) [70% popcorn, 20% Bambara groundnut, 10% African locust bean]. Physico-chemical, sensory and nutritional properties of food samples were determined using standard methods. Protein content of FPAB [26.87±1.07 g/100g] was significantly higher than FPB [20.87±1.02 g/100g] and FPA [20.49 g/100g] respectively. For mineral composition, potassium had the highest value in FPA [173.75±0.21 mg/100g], FPB [157.45±0.25 mg/100g] and FPAB [132.75±0.15mg/100g], while copper was the least mineral. The percentage recommended daily allowance [RDA] met by total essential amino acid [TEAA] range between 55.99% for FPA and 82.33% for FPB. The predicted protein efficiency ratio [P-PER] range between 0.54 - 1.43 for FPB and FPAB respectively; while biological value [BV] was between 20.13 - 39.94%. The oxalate, tannin, phytate and trypsin inhibition of popcorn-based food samples were reduced to minimum level. It could be concluded that FPAB had a better nutritional quality over FPA and FPB using selected nutritional indices; hence, FPAB blends could be used as complementary food for infants. However, nutritional and biochemical study of the formulations are needed to further substantiate their nutritional potentials.
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