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Effect of Wheat Flour Supplemented with Barely and/or Corn Flour on Balady Bread Quality
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Publication date: 2013-03-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2013;63(1):11-18
This study was focused on substituting a part of wheat flour (WF) with whole meal barley (WBF), gelatinized corn flour (GCF) and both of them in balady bread, as an attempt to solve the shortage in wheat production. Chemical, rheological, color and sensory properties were determined. Stalling of balady bread was evaluated. It is found that the incorporation of WBF and GCF into balady bread improved protein, fat, fiber, ash, β-glucan and minerals (Ca, P, K and Fe). Blending WBF or GCF with WF gave higher rheological parameters of dough; meanwhile lightness of the produced breads was reduced. Also, sensory properties of the separation layers and roundness were not affected significantly, but a significant difference was observed in taste, crust color and odor at replacement level of 30%. Generally, WF supplemented with WBF:GCF (30:15%) did not affected technological quality of balady bread and improved its nutritive values.
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