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Effects of Encapsulated Fish Oil by Polymerized Whey Protein on the Textural and Sensory Characteristics of Low-Fat Yogurt
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Publication date: 2016-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2016;66(3):189–198
Five types of polymerized whey protein (PWP1, PWP2, PWP3, PWP4 and PWP5) containing different amounts of fish oil were added to low-fat yogurt as fat replacer. The texture, apparent viscosity, and sensory properties of the yogurts were analyzed in comparison with full-fat (3.0%, w/w, fat) and low-fat (1.5%, w/w; and 1.2%, w/w) milk yogurt controls. The majority (~85%) of the particle size distribution was in the range of 1106 ± 158 nm. Thermal property analysis indicated PWP was thermal stable between 50oC and 90oC. Yogurts formulated with 12% of PWP4 and 14% of PWP5 demonstrated higher firmness, springiness and adhesiveness (P<0.05), and lower cohesiveness (P<0.05) than the low-fat milk yogurt controls. There was no fat separation and had less fishy smell. Yogurts incorporated with 12% of PWP4 had comparable sensory and textural characteristics to the full-fat milk yogurt control.
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