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Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2007;57(Special issue 4C):467–473
In the study we analysed the impact of the factors related to consumer, product and environment on the purchase and frequency of organic food consumption. The research was carried out among 770 consumers from the province of Warmia-Mazury. A personal interview was used as an exploratory technique. Statistical analysis of the collected data was completed with Statistica 7.1, χ² test (level p=0.05) and τ- Kendell correlation ratio. The respondents defined organic food properly. It was revealed that for women and those with higher education, the press was a more significant source of knowledge (p<0.05) of organic products. The main determinants of choice of organic food were health aspects. Gender and age did not have a significant impact on the ranking of the importance of factors determining the purchase of such products. Nearly 83% of all respondents claimed they bought organic products, however, a great number of them failed to note the frequency of purchases. It was ascertained that age and education significantly impact the frequency of consumption. The research shows that respondents indicate a low level of knowledge of the organic food labeling rules.