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Publication date: 2005-03-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2005;55(Special issue 1s):85-89
The aim of the study was to apply functional proteins for comminuted sausages and analyse the influence of these specimens on important technological parameters and sensory attributes. There were 3 different specimens used during the study: Prowico IV-40 KD, soy proteins, Promulin P. Each of them was added to the meat at three concentrations: 1%, 2% and 3%. The finished products were tested and the following parameters were measured: yield of the products, water holding capacity, colour and texture (TPA). A sensory analysis was carried out as well. The results of the study indicate that the addition of functional proteins to the meat does not reduce the quality of products, furthermore, it helps to increase the yield of the products, particularly when soy proteins are added. The best results of water holding capacity were obtained with Prowico IV-40 KD which were improving with the increasing concentration of functional proteins in the product. The highest values of hardness were also observed in the products with Prowico IV-40 KD, but in this case, the results of the sensory analysis were worse. The results also show that, out of these additives, soy proteins and Promulin P have the most beneficial influence on technological parameters and the quality of comminuted sausages.
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