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Spray Drying of Honey: The Effect of Drying Aids on Powder Properties
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Publication date: 2015-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2015;65(2):109–118
The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of honey spray drying with addition of maltodextrin and gum Arabic as processing aids. The influence of the concentration of the solution subjected to drying, the type and content of the drying aids upon the physical properties of obtained powders was examined. An attempt to obtain powder with a honey content of more than 50% d.b. was made. Spray drying of multifloral honey with the addition of maltodextrin and gum Arabic was carried out at inlet air temperature 180oC, feed rate 1 mL/s and rotational speed of a disc atomizer of 39000 rpm. The properties of obtained powders were quantified in terms of moisture content, bulk density, Hausner ratio, apparent density, hygroscopicity and wettability. Using gum Arabic it was possible to obtain a product with a higher content of honey (67% solids) than in the case of maltodextrin (50% d.b.). However, the powders obtained with gum Arabic were characterized by worse physical properties: higher hygroscopicity and cohesion, and longer wetting time.
Reformulation of spray‐dried apple concentrate and honey for the enhancement of drying process performance and the physicochemical properties of powders
Katarzyna Samborska, Alicja Barańska, Karolina Szulc, Ewa Jankowska, Marzena Truszkowska, Ewa Ostrowska‐Ligęza, Rafał Wołosiak, Ewelina Szymańska, Aleksandra Jedlińska
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