Recent Advances in Processing and Development of Buckwheat Derived Bakery and Non-Bakery Products – a Review
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Publication date: 2015-03-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2015;65(1):9–20
The functional food development is one of the most interesting fields of the food industry. The knowledge of the effects of processing is essential in order to optimize the conditions and to obtain functional foods rich in bioactive compounds. Many functional buckwheat derived bakery and non-bakery products have been put into production including buckwheat enhanced breads, biscuits, snacks, noodles, tea, tarhana, sprouts, and finally buckwheat honey. This article reviews the studies carried out in the past few years in relation to the effects of processing on bioactive compounds in buckwheat derived bakery and non-bakery products, and on their overall nutritional value and consumer acceptance. Finally, the future trends in buckwheat processing are addressed.