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Publication date: 2007-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2007;57(Special issue 2A):115-120
The aim of study was to evaluate the influence of testing method on a range of pear texture properties changes as well as to find the variability range for mechanical properties during cool storage of selected pear varieties fruits. Fruits of four pear varieties were tested. Fruit texture properties tests were performed by means of skin puncture, flesh penetrometric and flesh double compress (TPA) tests. Penetrometers with cylinder tips of 4-11 mm diameter were applied for fruit skin puncture test. Two cylinder penetrometers of 8 and 11 mm diameters ended with plano-conical, bowl-shaped and semi-sphere tips were used for flesh mechanical properties tests. Statistically significant changes of all analysed mechanical properties occurred during long-term pear storage, namely at the beginning of the process. The range of changes varies for particular quantities depending on variety traits of tested fruits. The decrease of all parameters values (except for deformation at skin puncture test) was observed during fruit storage and the course of changes was described by means of exponential equations. The tests allowed for evaluating different methods as well as finding mechanical parameters of pear texture at various storage stages. It was proved that pear texture properties depended on their variety traits. On the basis of the study it can be concluded that only application of several strength tests makes it possible to get information on pear fruit state during storage. It was found that proper selection of testing method is necessary to find differences between varieties.
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