Effect of Extraction Conditions on the Extractability of Phenolic Compounds from Lyophilised Fig Fruits (Ficus Carica L.)
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Publication date: 2011-09-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2011;61(3):195–199
In this work the influence of 50-80% (v/v) aqueous ethanol and the temperature of extraction (25 - 80°C) on the extractability of total phenolics, total flavonoids and total proanthocyanidins from different fig fruits was investigated. The best extraction conditions (80%, v/v aqueous ethanol, 80°C) obtained in the experiments with lyophilised Ficus carica L. cv. Šaraguja were used while performing the extraction of phenolic compounds from other fig varieties (Bružetka bijela, Crnica, Bjelica and Termenjača). The antioxidant capacity was measured in all fig fruits as well. It has been shown that the temperature of extraction and ethanol to water ratio have a statistically significant influence on the extraction of phenolic compounds from fig fruits variety Šaraguja. The highest content of phenolic compounds was found in fig variety Crnica while the lowest one in fig variety Bjelica. According to the results obtained in this study, fig fruits can be considered as a natural source of phenolic compounds with good antioxidant capacity.