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Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum): Composition and Health Effects – a Review
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Publication date: 2016-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2016;66(2):67–75
Goji berries contain many nutrients and bioactive compounds which allowed to classify them as superfruits. A short description of the fruits is presented together with cultivation requirements. The chemical composition of the berries and their health-promoting properties are described later in this literature review. Based on the available data, their potentially beneficial application in dietary prevention of diseases of affluence, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, is elaborated. We also refer to the safety of Goji consumption in the context of ingredients potentially harmful for human health, allergic reactions and the interactions with other substances.
Determining the Morphologic, Yield and Phytochemical Properties of ’Damaye’ and ’Nq-7’ Goji Berry Varieties Under Semi-Arid Climate Conditions
Halil Oğuz, Oktay Erdoğan, Zafer Karaşahin, Osman Gökdoğan
Fatty acid and mineral contents of Lycium ruthenicum Murr. and antioxidant activity against isoproterenol‐induced acute myocardial ischemia in mice
Nzeuwa Yossa, Hui Xia, Yuanyuan Shi, Chao Yang, Muhammad Shah, Baofu Guo, Liya Wang, Guiju Sun
Food Science & Nutrition
Phenolic and carotenoid profile of new goji cultivars and their anti-hyperglycemic, anti-aging and antioxidant properties
Aneta Wojdyło, Paulina Nowicka, Przemysław Bąbelewski
Journal of Functional Foods
The Profile of Secondary Metabolites and Other Bioactive Compounds in Cucurbita pepo L. and Cucurbita moschata Pumpkin Cultivars
Bartosz Kulczyński, Anna Gramza-Michałowska
Application of CE-ICP-MS and CE-ESI-MS/MS for identification of Zn-binding ligands in Goji berries extracts
Lena Ruzik, Piotr Kwiatkowski
Goji berry (Lycium barbarum L.) in vitro multiplication improved by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and 6-benzylaminopurine
Oliveira de, Souza de, Renato Paiva, Débora Domiciano, Carvalho de, Fernanda Nery
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant
The Effect of Polyphenolics in Extracts from Natural Materials on Metabolic Activity of Metastatic Melanoma WM-266-4 Cells
Taja Žitek, Barbara Dariš, Matjaž Finšgar, Željko Knez, Dragana Bjelić, Hrnčič Knez
Applied Sciences
Chemical Properties, Fatty-Acid Composition, and Antioxidant Activity of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum L. and Lycium chinense Mill.) Fruits
Prodromos Skenderidis, Dimitrios Lampakis, Ioannis Giavasis, Stefanos Leontopoulos, Konstantinos Petrotos, Christos Hadjichristodoulou, Andreas Tsakalof
The Role of Alternative and Innovative Food Ingredients and Products in Consumer Wellness
Z. Tacer-Caba
Dietary whole Goji berry ( Lycium barbarum ) intake improves colonic barrier function by altering gut microbiota composition in mice
Baoming Tian, Ziqi Zhang, Jianhua Zhao, Qingyu Ma, Huicui Liu, Chenxi Nie, Zhiyuan Ma, Wei An, Juxiu Li
International Journal of Food Science & Technology
Characterization of Lycium barbarum L. berry cultivated in North Macedonia: A chemometric approach
Eniko Covaci, Marin Senila, Loredana Leopold, Neli-Kinga Olah, Codruta Cobzac, Violeta Ivanova-Petropulos, Biljana Balabanova, Oana Cadar, Anca Becze, Michaela Ponta, Augustin Mot, Tiberiu Frentiu
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UHPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS profile of polyphenols in Goji berries (Lycium barbarum L.) and its dynamics during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion and fermentation
Gabriele Rocchetti, Giulia Chiodelli, Gianluca Giuberti, Silvia Ghisoni, Greta Baccolo, Francesca Blasi, Domenico Montesano, Marco Trevisan, Luigi Lucini
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Comparative Metabolic Profiling of Lycium Fruits (Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense) from Different Areas in China and from Nepal
Nzeuwa Yossa, Baofu Guo, Ting Zhang, Liya Wang, Qian Ji, Hui Xia, Guiju Sun
Journal of Food Quality
The role of carotenoids in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease – Current state of knowledge
Bartosz Kulczyński, Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Dominik Kmiecik
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Structural and health functionality of dried goji berries as affected by coupled dewaxing pre-treatment and hybrid drying methods
Huihui Song, Jinfeng Bi, Qinqin Chen, Mo Zhou, Xinye Wu, Jianxin Song
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Functional and Medicinal Beverages
Vandana Garg, Kiran, Anju Dhiman, Rohit Dutt
The Effect of Encapsulated Powder of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) on Growth and Survival of Probiotic Bacteria
Prodromos Skenderidis, Chrysanthi Mitsagga, Dimitrios Lampakis, Konstantinos Petrotos, Ioannis Giavasis
In vitro digestion under simulated saliva, gastric and small intestinal conditions and fermentation by human gut microbiota of polysaccharides from the fruits of Lycium barbarum
Yu Ding, Yamei Yan, Yujia Peng, Dan Chen, Jia Mi, Lu Lu, Qing Luo, Xiaoying Li, Xiaoxiong Zeng, Youlong Cao
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Herbal distillates: A new era of grape marc distillates with enriched antioxidant profile
Vasiliki Andreou, Irini Strati, Charalambos Fotakis, Maria Liouni, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Vassilia Sinanoglou
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Arabinogalactan derived from Lycium barbarum fruit inhibits cancer cell growth via cell cycle arrest and apoptosis
Guiping Gong, Qian Liu, Yangni Deng, Tiantian Dang, Wei Dai, Tingting Liu, Yang Liu, Jing Sun, Langhong Wang, Yuxia Liu, Tingting Sun, Shuang Song, Zhongfu Wang, Linjuan Huang
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Concentrations of minerals, soluble solids, vitamin C, carotenoids and toxigenic elements in organic goji berries (Lycium barbarum L.) cultivated in Lithuania
Jurgita Kulaitienė, Nijolė Vaitkevičienė, Elvyra Jarienė, Judita Černiauskienė, Maria Jeznach, Aurelija Paulauskienė
Biological Agriculture & Horticulture
Sports and Energy Drinks
Beara Ivana, Lesjak Marija
The Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value of Chia Seeds—Current State of Knowledge
Bartosz Kulczyński, Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Maciej Taczanowski, Dominik Kmiecik, Anna Gramza-Michałowska
The in vitro antimicrobial activity assessment of ultrasound assisted Lycium barbarum fruit extracts and pomegranate fruit peels
Prodromos Skenderidis, Chrysanthi Mitsagga, Ioannis Giavasis, Konstantinos Petrotos, Dimitrios Lampakis, Stefanos Leontopoulos, Christos Hadjichristodoulou, Andreas Tsakalof
Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization
Berries as a potential anti-influenza factor – A review
Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Andrzej Sidor, Bartosz Kulczyński
Journal of Functional Foods
Calabrian Goji vs. Chinese Goji: A Comparative Study on Biological Properties
Mariarosa Ruffo, Ortensia Parisi, Fabio Amone, Rocco Malivindi, Domenico Gorgoglione, Biasio De, Luca Scrivano, Vincenzo Pezzi, Francesco Puoci
Nutritional, antioxidant and sensory properties of functional beef burgers formulated with chia seeds and goji puree, before and after in vitro digestion
Elena Antonini, Luisa Torri, Maria Piochi, Giorgia Cabrino, Maria Meli, Bellis De
Meat Science
Emerging Allergens in Goji Berry Superfruit: The Identification of New IgE Binding Proteins towards Allergic Patients’ Sera
Carina Uasuf, Angelis De, Rocco Guagnano, Rosa Pilolli, Claudia D’Anna, Danilo Villalta, Ignazio Brusca, Linda Monaci
Goji Berries as a Potential Natural Antioxidant Medicine: An Insight into Their Molecular Mechanisms of Action
Zheng Ma, Hongxia Zhang, Sue Teh, Chee Wang, Yutong Zhang, Frank Hayford, Liuyi Wang, Tong Ma, Zihan Dong, Yan Zhang, Yifan Zhu
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
Densitometric TLC analysis for the control of tropane and steroidal alkaloids in Lycium barbarum
A. Kokotkiewicz, P. Migas, J. Stefanowicz, M. Luczkiewicz, M. Krauze-Baranowska
Food Chemistry
Protective effects of betaine on diabetic induced disruption of the male mice blood-testis barrier by regulating oxidative stress-mediated p38 MAPK pathways
Ya-Ping Jiang, Jia-Mei Yang, Rui-Juan Ye, Ning Liu, Wen-Jin Zhang, Lin Ma, Ping Zheng, Jian-Guo Niu, Ping Liu, Jian-Qiang Yu
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
Select Polyphenol-Rich Berry Consumption to Defer or Deter Diabetes and Diabetes-Related Complications
Ahsan Hameed, Mauro Galli, Edyta Adamska-Patruno, Adam Krętowski, Michal Ciborowski
Systematic Review of Chemical Constituents in the Genus Lycium (Solanaceae)
Dan Qian, Yaxing Zhao, Guang Yang, Luqi Huang
Interspecies Developmental Differences in Metabonomic Phenotypes ofLycium ruthenicumandL. barbarumFruits
Qi Wang, Shaohua Zeng, Xiangyu Wu, Hehua Lei, Ying Wang, Huiru Tang
Journal of Proteome Research
Lycium barbarum polysaccharides: Extraction, purification, structural characterisation and evidence about hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic effects. A review
Alessandra Masci, Simone Carradori, Maria Casadei, Patrizia Paolicelli, Stefania Petralito, Rino Ragno, Stefania Cesa
Food Chemistry
Development of a Sword Bean (Canavalia gladiata) Starch Film Containing Goji Berry Extract
Sujin Kim, Ji-Hoon Kang, Kyung Song
Food and Bioprocess Technology
Effective extraction of flavonoids from Lycium barbarum L. fruits by deep eutectic solvents-based ultrasound-assisted extraction
Mohammad Ali, Jia Chen, Haijuan Zhang, Zhan Li, Liang Zhao, Hongdeng Qiu
Coupling Ultrafiltration-Based Processes to Concentrate Phenolic Compounds from Aqueous Goji Berry Extracts
Carmela Conidi, Enrico Drioli, Alfredo Cassano
Research and application of Lycii Fructus in medicinal field
Jin Yang, Yu-qing Wei, Jian-bao Ding, Yan-long Li, Jian-long Ma, Jian-li Liu
Chinese Herbal Medicines
Effect of incorporation of goji berry by-product on biochemical, physical and sensory properties of selected bakery products
Pragyani Bora, Sanaa Ragaee, El-Sayed Abdel-Aal
Simultaneous quantification of three tropane alkaloids in goji berries by cleanup of the graphene/hexagonal boron nitride hybrids and ultra‐high‐performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Weihua Zhao, Yanping Shi
Journal of Separation Science
Anti-aging effect of brown black wolfberry on Drosophila melanogaster and d-galactose-induced aging mice
Jingjing Zhang, Xuan Liu, Jiahui Pan, Qi Zhao, Yumeng Li, Wenge Gao, Zesheng Zhang
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Effect of composition and processing conditions on selected characteristics of extruded corn instant gruels enriched with fruits addition
Magdalena Kręcisz, Agnieszka Wójtowicz, Anna Oniszczuk, Anna Szeląg-Sikora
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Lyciumbarbarum Polysaccharide (LBP): A Novel Prebiotics Candidate for Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus
Fang Zhou, Xiaoying Jiang, Tao Wang, Bolin Zhang, Hongfei Zhao
Frontiers in Microbiology
Speciation analysis and bioaccessibility evaluation of trace elements in goji berries ( Lycium Barbarum , L.)
Justyna Wojcieszek, Piotr Kwiatkowski, Lena Ruzik
Journal of Chromatography A
Medicinal Plants
Sadanand Dhekney, M. Baldwin
Fruit ripening in Lycium barbarum and Lycium ruthenicum is associated with distinct gene expression patterns
Jianhua Zhao, Haoxia Li, Yue Yin, Wei An, Xiaoya Qin, Yajun Wang, Yunfang Fan, Yanlong Li, Youlong Cao
FEBS Open Bio
Therapeutic Foods
Sandra Jimenez-Garcia, Moises Vazquez-Cruz, Lina Garcia-Mier, Luis Contreras-Medina, Ramon Guevara-González, Juan Garcia-Trejo, Ana Feregrino-Perez
Effects of pomegranate peel supplementation on chemical, physical, and nutritional properties of muffin cakes
Cansu Topkaya, Fatma Isik
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
Study on the synergistic protective effect of Lycium barbarum L. polysaccharides and zinc sulfate on chronic alcoholic liver injury in rats
Yamei Yan, Wanqiang Wu, Lu Lu, Jie Ren, Jia Mi, Xuebo Liu, Youlong Cao
Food Science & Nutrition
Functional food and nutra‐pharmaceutical perspectives of date ( Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruit
Atia Younas, Summar Naqvi, Moazzam Khan, Muhammad Shabbir, Mushtaque Jatoi, Farooq Anwar, Muhammad Inam‐Ur‐Raheem, Nazamid Saari, Rana Aadil
Journal of Food Biochemistry
Improving the quality of Sichuan pickle by adding a traditional Chinese medicinal herbLycium barbarumin its fermentation
Meng Liao, Zheng-Yun Wu, Guo-Hang Yu, Wen-Xue Zhang
International Journal of Food Science & Technology
Molecular identification and pathogenicity of Fusarium and Alternaria species associated with root rot disease of wolfberry in Gansu and Ningxia provinces, China
Constantine Uwaremwe, Liang Yue, Yang Liu, Yuan Tian, Xia Zhao, Yun Wang, Zhongkui Xie, Yubao Zhang, Zengtuan Cui, Ruoyu Wang
Plant Pathology
Effects of electron beam irradiation on the bioactive components of goji-berry
Flavio Rodrigues, Koike Ramos, da Galo, Bianca Negrão, de Matias, Jorge Filho, Anna Villavicencio
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Chemical Characterization, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of Goji Berries Cultivated in Serbia
Tijana Ilić, Margarita Dodevska, Mirjana Marčetić, Dragana Božić, Igor Kodranov, Bojana Vidović
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Arleta Kruczek, Marcelina Krupa-Małkiewicz, Sabina Lachowicz, Jan Oszmiański, Ireneusz Ochmian
Effects of long-term consumption of polysaccharides from the fruit of Lycium barbarum on host’s health
Yu Ding, Dan Chen, Yamei Yan, Guijie Chen, Linwu Ran, Jia Mi, Lu Lu, Xiaoxiong Zeng, Youlong Cao
Food Research International
Zeaxanthin-Rich Extract from Superfood Lycium barbarum Selectively Modulates the Cellular Adhesion and MAPK Signaling in Melanoma versus Normal Skin Cells In Vitro
Diana Cenariu, Eva Fischer-Fodor, Adrian Țigu, Andrea Bunea, Piroska Virág, Maria Perde-Schrepler, Vlad-Alexandru Toma, Andrei Mocan, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe, Adela Pintea, Gianina Crișan, Mihai Cenariu, Alma Maniu
Fructus lycii: A Natural Dietary Supplement for Amelioration of Retinal Diseases
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Evaluation of fruit characteristics of various organically-grown goji berry (Lycium barbarum L., Lycium chinense Miller) species during ripening stages
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A multiple criteria decision analysis for agricultural planning of new crop alternatives in Turkey
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Lycium barbarum polysaccharide combined with aerobic exercise ameliorated nonalcoholic fatty liver disease through restoring gut microbiota, intestinal barrier and inhibiting hepatic inflammation
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Goji berry (Lycium spp.) extracts exhibit antiproliferative activity via modulating cell cycle arrest, cell apoptosis, and the p53 signaling pathway
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Chemical constituents from Lycium barbarum (Solanaceae) and their chemophenetic significance
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Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca
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Journal of the American College of Nutrition
Comparison Performance of Visible-NIR and Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Prediction of Nutritional Quality of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum L.)
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Tianzhen Zhang, Yuqing Shen, Senjia Zhang, Zexiong Xie, Xiyu Cheng, Wenchao Li, Cheng Zhong
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
NaCl Crystal Tuning Nitrogen Self-Doped Porous Graphitic Carbon Nanosheets for Efficient Oxygen Reduction
Ling-Xia Zuo, Wen-Jing Wang, Rong-Bin Song, Jing-Jing Lv, Li-Ping Jiang, Jun-Jie Zhu
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Nutritional Profile and Potential Health Benefits of Super Foods: A Review
Yash Jagdale, Saurabh Mahale, Beenish Zohra, Gulzar Nayik, Aamir Dar, Khalid Khan, Gholamreza Abdi, Ioannis Karabagias
Metabolomic Profiling of Fresh Goji (Lycium barbarum L.) Berries from Two Cultivars Grown in Central Italy: A Multi-Methodological Approach
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The mature fruit of Lycium chinense Miller attenuates cisplatin-induced renal damage in mice via regulation of oxidant and antioxidant enzymes
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Effect of Ripening Stages and Oven Drying on the Carotenoid Composition of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum L.) Fruits
Türk Tarım ve Doğa Bilimleri Dergisi