Oxidative Stability of Lipid Fraction of Cookies Enriched with Chokeberry Polyphenols Extract
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Publish date: 2016-06-30
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2016;66(2):77–84
Effect of incorporation of different content of chokeberry polyphenols extract (CPE) on the oxidative stability of lipid fraction of cookies were determined. Margarine and butter cookies with different contents of CPE were prepared. Contents of primary (Peroxide value, PV) and secondary (Anisidine value, AV; thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, TBARS) lipid oxidation products and fatty acids profile were measured during storage. Different course of lipid degradation depending on both polyphenols content and storage time was shown. Cookies were characterized by a low PV (1.45 and 4.90 meq of O/kg of fat in margarine and butter cookies respectively). The AV increased during storage both in margarine and in butter cookies. Losses of PUFA in margarine cookies (0.34%) applies to mainly α-linolenic acid. It appears safe to incorporate 100 mg and 250 mg of CPE into margarine cookies stored for 9 weeks and 1000 mg of CPE in butter cookies stored for 9 weeks. Content of 1000 mg CPE into cookies resulted in significant increase in the intensity of astringent taste, acidic taste, off-taste and off-flavour.