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Chemical Compositions of Date-Pits and Its Potential for Developing Value-Added Product - a Review
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Publication date: 2014-12-31
Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci. 2014;64(4):215-226
Moisture, protein, oil and carbohydrate contents of date-pits varied from 3.1-12.5, 2.3-6.9, 5.0-12.5 and 70.9-86.9 g/100 g date-pits, respectively. BET-monolayer (i.e. strongly bound) moisture content, solids-melting peak (at moisture: 6.7 g/100 g date-pits), and melting point of oil were 4.3 g/100 g dry-solids, 106oC, and 1.8oC, respectively. The major fatty acids were lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic, and linoleic acids and polyphenol content varied from 21.0-62.0 mg/g date-pits depending on the varieties, types of solvent and temperature used for extraction. Date-pits showed effectives in animal and poultry feeds and it could be used as value added products, such as; dietary fibers, functional polysaccharides, caffeine-free drinks (similar to coffee), oil (biofuel or cooking oil), and other functional or medicinal products. Date-pits powder and activated carbon from date-pits showed effective in purifying water by removing different types of pollutants, such as heavy metals, boron, dyes, phenolic compounds, and pesticides. Date-pits also showed effective to be used as ingredient for composed, biomass, and fermentation processes.
Heating, microwave and UV irradiation effects on oxidative stability of Sardasht red grape (Vitis vinifera cultiv. Sardasht) seed oil
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Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering
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The Water–Food–Energy Nexus
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Poisoning - From Specific Toxic Agents to Novel Rapid and Simplified Techniques for Analysis
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Preparation of activated carbons from date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) palm stones and application for wastewater treatments: Review
Muthanna Ahmed
Process Safety and Environmental Protection
Effect of a diet containing date pits on growth performance, diet digestibility, and economic evaluation of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
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Sensory Metabolite Profiling in a Date Pit Based Coffee Substitute and in Response to Roasting as Analyzed via Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics
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Effect of the Roasting Conditions on the Physicochemical, Quality and Sensory Attributes of Coffee-Like Powder and Brew from Defatted Palm Date Seeds
Mohammad Fikry, Yus Yusof, Alhussein Al-Awaadh, Russly Rahman, Nyuk Chin, Esraa Mousa, Lee Chang
Green extraction procedures of lipids from Tunisian date palm seeds
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Industrial Crops and Products
Influence of Using Different Energy Sources on Growth Rate, Digestion Coefficients and Rumen Parameters in Sheep
Eatb Galil, A.R. Khattab, H.M. Khattab, H.M. Sayed, Faten Abou-Ammou
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Utilizing recycled prepreg carbon fiber and date pit powder for detoxification
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Chemical characterisation and technical assessment of agri-food residues, marine matrices, and wild grasses in the South Mediterranean area: A considerable inflow for biorefineries
Maroua Kammoun, Haitham Ayeb, Taoufik Bettaieb, Aurore Richel
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Anticancer activities of selected Emirati Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties pits in human triple negative breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells
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Thermal Characteristics and Proton Mobility of Date-Pits and their Alkaline Treated Fibers
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Valorization of natural dye extracted from date palm pits (Phoenix dactylifera) for dyeing of cotton fabric. Part 1: Optimization of extraction process using Taguchi design
Marwa Souissi, Ahlem Guesmi, Ali Moussa
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Preliminary Study for the Clean Up of Hydrocarbon contaminated Soil Using Soil Washing Mechanism
Rashed Al, Mutairi Al, Hossam Mostagab
Sorbents Materials for Controlling Environmental Pollution
Riham Surkatti, Mohamed Ibrahim, Muftah El-Naas
Effect of replacing corn grains with date palm kernels on ruminal fermentation, feed degradability, and methane production under different initial in vitro pH conditions
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Animal Biotechnology
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Analysis of different date palm parts for char production
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How do coffee substitutes compare to coffee? A comprehensive review of its quality characteristics, sensory characters, phytochemicals, health benefits and safety
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Functionalized cellulose nanocrystals as a novel adsorption material for removal of boron from water
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Hamza Ourradi, Said Ennahli, Martos Viuda, Francisca Hernadez, Chiara Dilorenzo, Lahcen Hssaini, Abderraouf Elantari, Hafida Hanine
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The efficacy of clay bentonite, date pit, and chitosan nanoparticles in the detoxification of aflatoxin M1 and ochratoxin A from milk
Amany Abdelnaby, Nabila Abdelaleem, Elham Elshewy, Ayman Mansour, Samar Ibrahim
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Pits of Date Palm: Bioactive Composition, Antibacterial Activity and Antimutagenicity Potentials
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Toxicity assessment of date pit activated carbon nanomaterials in hepatocytes
Betty Mathew, Shaima Raji, A-H. Mourad, Ali Hilal-Alnaqbi, Khaled El-Tarabily, Amr Amin, Fadi Alnaimat, Bobby Mathew
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Extraction and characterization of residue fibers from defatted date-pits after alkaline-acid digestion: effects of different pretreatments
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Mediterranean Fruits Bio-wastes
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Sustainable dyeing of wool yarns with renewable sources
Somayeh Baseri
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
From waste to a sustainable ingredient: Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) pits incorporation enhances the physicochemical and sensory properties of Algerian date syrups
Freha Gourchala, Fatma Mihoub, Safia Lakhdar-Toumi, Khaled Taïbi
Food Bioscience
Palm Trees and Fruits Residues
Mubarik Mahmood, Kanwal Rafique, Saima, Zafar Hayat, Muhammad Farooq, Muawuz Ijaz, Muhammad Yar, Zayrah Rafique
Characterization of Date Seed Powder Derived Porous Graphene Oxide and Its Application as an Environmental Functional Material to Remove Dye from Aqueous Solutions
Fatimah Al-Zahrani, Badria Al-Shehri, Reda El-Shishtawy, Nasser Awwad, Khalid Khan, M. Sayed, Saifeldin Siddeeg
Biochar from date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) residues—a critical review
Hana’a Burezq, Merlin Davidson
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Moisture Sorption Isotherms of Whole and Fractionated Date-Pits: Measurement and Theoretical Modelling
Maha Al-Khalili, Nasser Al-Habsi, Rahman Shafiur
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Bioethanol Production from Waste and Nonsalable Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Fruits: Potentials and Challenges
Azenith Castillo, Dan Cortes, Caesar Sorino, Christian Soriño, Muftah El-Naas, Talaat Ahmed
Non‐Isothermal Kinetics of Phoenix Dactylifera L . Date Palm Seeds Pyrolysis Using Model Fitting and Iso‐Conversional Model Free Methods
Maryam Marouani, Hamdaoui El, Mohammed Boulhaoua, Andrew Pienaar, László Trif, Guy Costa, Merlin Simo‐Tagne, Fatima Kifani‐Sahban
Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Wild Jujube Pit/Hydroxyapatite Based on 3D Printing
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Fibers and Polymers
Nutritional, medicinal and functional properties of different parts of the date palm and its fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) – A systematic review
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Date Palm Byproducts: A Springboard for Circular Bio Economy
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Physico-chemical, textural and sensory properties of breads enriched with date seed powder
Efath Jahan, Asmaul Nupur, Sumana Majumder, Das Chandra, Lopa Aunsary, Mohammad Aziz, Md. Islam, Mazumder Rahman
Food and Humanity
Effect of date pits extract on biogas emission characteristics and sludge properties during anoxic digestion
Wameed Alghazali, Muhammad Hussain, Am Shanableh, Adel Tayara
Waste and Biomass Valorization
Date Palm
Neeru Bhatt, Lyutha Al-Subhi, Ayah Hilles, Mostafa Waly
Enhanced Goat Milk MUFA Quality via Date Pit Supplementation: A Time-Based Pattern Recognition Analysis Utilizing Agricultural Waste Byproduct
Rahman Abd, Z. Hassan, M. Hassan, R. Hashim, L. Wong, W. Leong, Jaafar Syd, S. Salvamani, Sekar Chandra
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Physicochemical characterization and antioxidant capacity of the extracted oil from date pits and its effect on storage stability of margarine
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Molecular and Structural Characterization of Micronized Lignocellulose from Date-Pits by Alcoholic Fractionations
Khalid Al-Harrasi, Nasser Al-Habsi, Myo Tay Zar Myint, Mohammad Shafiur Rahman
Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications
A Comprehensive Review of the Nutritional Composition and Toxicological Profile of Date Seed Coffee (Phoenix dactylifera)
Raphaela Kiesler, Heike Franke, Dirk W. Lachenmeier
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Thermal and structural characteristics of date-pits as digested by Trichoderma reesei
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New Insights into the Influence of the Characteristic “Stone” Feature of the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Seeds on Its Sustainable Processing Approaches—A Review
Juliet Mubaiwa, Anita R Linnemann, Sajid Maqsood
Food and Bioprocess Technology
Sulphonated date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera ) stone via microwave‑assisted H 2 SO 4 activation: optimisation with desirability function for methylene blue adsorption
Ali H. Jawad, Nuhaa Nabiihah Mohamad Azhar, Ahmad Hapiz, Zeid A. ALOthman, Lee D. Wilson
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
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