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We are proud to announce that PJFNS has joined Versita Open Access platform, which was possible owing to the financial support from the REFRESH Project (
Versita Open is one of the world’s leading Open Access platforms, hosting full texts of nearly 200 scholarly journals that concurrently belong to many societies, universities and research institutes. It assures first-class e-publishing technology, coverage by abstracting databases, PubMed, and Thomson Scientific, as well as content distribution to thousands of libraries worldwide.
Volume 2011 of PJFNS is now available directly at Versita Open web site (, and since November all manuscripts submitted to PJFNS will be processed via Editorial Manager on-line submission and tracking system).
We do hope that those changes will facilitate our editorial work and, most of all, will affect international recognition of the Journal.

PJFNS Editorial Staff

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Editorial News

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